WHEN IN ROME #2 – Read the Fine Print

If you think you’re tipping a waiter in Italy, in most cases, you are not. This story is a must-read for any current or potential tourist in Italy. Continue reading


WHEN IN ROME – A Pope’s Dream

A Pope’s pipe-dream that came true in the form of a fountain crafted by Italy’s gifted sculptor and architect, Bernini, is well worth the visit to the Piazza Barberini in the city centre of Rome. Continue reading

THE JOYS OF JAIPUR #5 – Shades of Pink

I live in the hope that one day I’ll get to see the inside of my favourite building in Jaipur, the Jal Mahal. If it were anything like the superb restoration job done on the exterior and rooftop garden the interior will be out of this world. Continue reading

THE JOYS OF JAIPUR #4 – Pink Elephants

What was once the capital of what was once the princely State of Jaipur; the Amber Fort is a far cry from being a white elephant or a pink one. Nevertheless, elephants do live and work 11 km from the Pink City, and it’s well worth the trip to see them and their formidable ‘office’. Continue reading

THE JOYS OF JAIPUR #3 – Through Rose Tinted Glasses

Over the centuries, lots of people have witnessed things that have happened in and around Jaipur with the naked eye, such as the event that links the Pink City’s Albert Hall Museum with tigers. Continue reading

THE JOYS OF JAIPUR #1 – Tickled Pink

Once the domain of the Maharaja’s queen bee, the ‘Beehive’ is, nowadays, no longer off-limits to other members of the sisterhood. While the Hawa Mahal is the epitome of what’s beautiful about Jaipur, its now being open to the general public marks the end of what once was a window on the world from the inside out. Continue reading


Maybe the Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) uncertainty about the way forward isn’t the only reason the makeover of the Taj Mahal is behind schedule. Regardless of whether the ASI is getting its fair share of the pie from their … Continue reading