If you are a WordPress blogger, please re-blog this post. It may assist needy women in remote areas of Nepal.

Further to my recent blog about the good work my nephew, Steve, and wife, Nat, are doing to help the needy in Nepal, they have set themselves another target.

In addition to the 500 sanitary wear, or hygiene, kits that We All Rotate has distributed to marginalized women in remote parts of Nepal, they now plan to provide an additional 400 comprising two extra items.

Currently, each kit comprises a handmade drawstring bag that contains ten re-usable flannel liners, two cotton shields, some soap and two snap-lock storage bags. It usually takes about two months to make 100 kits. This time, however, Nat and her Australia-based team, plan to compile the kits in record-breaking time.

Over the next few weeks, while Nat and her volunteers sew madly away, they hope donations come rolling in of new face washers and comfy knickers of any size and colour to include in kits.

Please try to help if you can by sending a pair of new knickers and a face washer to Mrs Natalie Beatty, 11 Montril Court, Highton, Victoria, Australia 3216. If you would prefer to bestow funds for Nat to buy them on your behalf, please click on the attached link for how to donate;

Nat at work on her new project to further assist women in remote areas of Nepal

Nat hard at work on her new project to further help marginalised women in the remote areas of Nepal.




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