Last night Kuldip and I went out to try an Italian restaurant we’d heard about in Chandigarh where they make everything on the premises including bread, pasta and desserts.

We kicked the night off with a cocktail and ended it the same way!

Our Italian love affair with food began with an antipasto platter that featured olives, Parma ham, salami and caramalised onions plus excellent cheeses including Parmesan, buffalo Mozzarella and Gorgonzola. Their delicious homemade bread was perfetto too.

Next came a dish that comprised homemade Orzo pasta with assorted fresh seafood and basil leaves in a delicate creamy tomato sauce flavoured with a hint of star anise.

Our Gourmet pizza followed. The base was good but we thought the topping a little bland. What saved it, however, was the raw spinach garnish (not the tasteless baby stuff) that gave it a distinctive garden-fresh crunch.

When our desserts arrived, Kuldip and I thought we’d died and gone to heaven. If Tiramisu is on a menu – we always order it. And, last night’s was as good as we’ve had anywhere in the world – it was even better than the one I make at home. I ordered Cannoli filled with an orange-infused custard. It was bliss.

We had a great night under the stars at Chandigarh’s romantic candle-lit Virgin Courtyard. As winter draws near, the days are still warm here but the nights are cool. We could have eaten inside, but we chose to go al fresco. I feel the cold, and as soon as I mentioned to our waiter that it was getting a little chilly, a red-hot coal heater appeared by my side!

On the way home in the taxi, we scored up as follows:

  • Cocktails: 10/10.
  • Antipasto platter: 9/10.
  • Orzo seafood pasta: 10/10.
  • Gourmet pizza: 6/10.
  • The ambience and customer service in the courtyard also score 50/10 each.
  • Both desserts, however, scored a maximum 100/10!

The meal cost a mere A$45 per head; it would cost nearly three times as much in Australia. The overall quality, however, may not be as good.

The cost of the A$14 taxi ride, there, and back that covered a total distance of around 25 km, was also a “steal.”

We’ll be back in Australia in less than three weeks. So time is of the essence in Chandigarh. Tonight we’re off the check out another restaurant called Cloud 9, which reportedly has one of the best views in town.

Us two.

Us two.


A cosy fire to keep us warm ...

A cozy fire to keep us warm …



… and loving it!


Time to break bread.

Time to break bread.


Pizza and a perfetto pasta.

Pizza and perfetto pasta.


Decadent dessert time.

Bring on the calories!


Kuldip tucks in.

Kuldip and his terrific Tiramisu.


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