No country in the world can match the Indians when it comes to five-star hospitality. A fine example is the Leela Palace in Chennai where the dedication to customer service and fine food is unsurpassed. Kuldip and I enjoyed every moment of our five-night stay, and I recommend the Leela Palace unreservedly as the best place to stay in the Tamil Nadu capital. If, however, your accommodation budget doesn’t stretch that far, do yourself a favour by going there one night to eat in one of the hotel’s restaurants, which cater for all tastes and budgets. The “Spectra” restaurant, for example, is the only place in town where you can sample cuisines from around the world including Italy, Thailand and Japan (the sashimi is to die for!). Their “Street Foods” buffet on Wednesday nights tantalises the taste buds, as does Friday night’s seafood buffet fit for kings and queens. The choice at the buffet breakfast is the best of the best. The hotel’s “Cake Shop” is as impressive as any in the world. I put on a kilo just window shopping there! I also can’t speak highly enough about the Leela’s signature Indian and Chinese restaurants, “Jamavar” and “China XO” respectively. I can still taste the Lamb Biryani and dim sum … yum!! What’s also good to know is that all of the hotel’s food is prepared, cooked and baked on the premises. The hotel, therefore, employs an army of master chefs, chefs and pastry chefs, head-hunted the world over, who use the best-imported ingredients to produce some of the finest food I have ever tasted. I strongly suggest you visit the Leela Palace in Chennai if you possibly can. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll receive the warmest of warm welcomes when you get there too. When Kuldip and I weren’t eating or drinking martinis in the hotel’s awesome cocktail bar, “Library Blue”, we were either taking in the city sights or taking time out poolside. Not wanting us to go hungry on our last morning due to a very early flight to Colombo in Sri Lanka, the hotel bid us both farewell with a packed picnic brekky. Ahhh … the perfect end to a perfect stay.

The view from the hotel's "Spectra" restaurant.

The view from the hotel’s “Spectra” restaurant.

Enjoying myself in the hotel's "Jamavar" restaurant.

Enjoying myself in the hotel’s “Jamavar” restaurant.

With the Head Chef (L) and Master Dim Sum Chef at the hotel's "China XO" restaurant.

With the Head Chef (L) and Master Dim Sum Chef at the hotel’s “China XO” restaurant.

Martini time in the hotel's "Library Blue" bar.

Martini time in the hotel’s “Library Blue” bar.

Poolside plush #1

Poolside plush #1

Poolside plush #2

Poolside plush #2

Our perfect picnic breakfast.

Our perfect picnic breakfast.


2 thoughts on “THE BEST OF THE BEST

    • Hello – thank you for your comment on my post about the Leela Palace hotel. Beachside properties anywhere in the world, like the east coast road that you suggest, range from budget to lavish so I agree that there may be some good places to stay there too. However, from a foodies point of view, it would take a lot to beat the Leela Palace. In fact, I’m returning to the Leela Palace again soon, for the sole purpose of eating in the Chinese restaurant, which I did not have a chance to experience fully during my last stay. Beforehand, however, my husband and I plan to travel to Puducherry and explore parts of the Coromandel coast on our way up to Chennai. Again, thank you for taking interest in my post, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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