I mentioned in my last post that I went to Kasauli, in northern India, for a Bridge tournament in which my husband, Kuldip, was playing. Khushwant Singh known as “one of the finest Indian writers in English in contemporary times,” was a frequent visitor to Kasauli and had a house there called Raj Villa. We walked past the entrance to it on our way to Sunset Point one day but, unfortunately, the driveway down to the house was so steep I could only see the roof that covered genius from the roadside. During a conversation I had that evening with a Bridge player’s wife, I learnt that the house is usually open to anyone who wishes to see it. Rami said that all one has to do is knock on the front door and either Mr Singh’s son or the caretaker, who both live there, will let you in to look around. If only I’d known. Sadly, Khushwant Singh passed away in March this year aged ninety-nine. However, an annual literary festival inaugurated in his name in 2012, will ensure his memory lives on in the hills of Kasauli. I’ll be back in India early September next year, when The Khushwant Singh Literary Festival is a must-do.

Khushwant Singh's gatepost


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