My husband, Kuldip, is playing in a three-day Bridge tournament in Kasauli, a hill station in Northern India. Neither of us had been to Kasauli before so we decided to come up here a couple of days before play began. Although I have travelled far and wide, there’s a lesson I’m yet to learn; that is: Don’t believe the blurb. It is especially true about Kasauli, which I think overpriced and a far cry from what people would have you believe. I was looking forward to finding some traditional, locally made trinkets and textiles and in Kasauli’s Tibetan and Heritage bazaars. Although the marketplaces themselves were easy to find, if such treasures exist there, they were well hidden!

While I didn’t see anything interesting to buy, I did, however, see some very intriguing sights in and around Kasauli’s bazaars including bold monkeys and packs of stray dogs that, unfortunately, besiege the town. Kasauli sits on defence land, so it’s THE place to go for girls who love a man in uniform.

While the surrounding hills are pretty 24/7, they are especially so from our balcony at sunset.

FOOTNOTE: There’s not much to report on the performance of Kuldip’s team in the Bridge tournament – the less said, the better!

Sunset over Kasauli #1Sunset over Kasauli #2Sunset over Kasauli #3Kasauli's %22Monkey Menace%22Let sleeping dogs llie - everywhereA guava seller displays his waresLurrrve the hat!Some of Kasauli's Sikh warriors


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