My husband, Kuldip, and I did all the touristy things during our stay in Bangkok last year and since we are both retired and no longer into serious shopping, there’s not much else to do here while we cool our heels waiting for the Indian Embassy to grant my tourist visa. Luckily, the weather has permitted us to go poolside most days even though it’s the rainy season here. A shopping list of a friend in Chandigarh, however, made us step out of the hotel and into some of Bangkok’s many multi-story shopping malls such as Central World, Siam Paragon and the Siam Centre. The first two malls comprise most of the world’s glitzy high-end gear from home wares to fashion and flashy cars to boot, making what they sell unsurprisingly predictable. The re-vamped Siam Centre, however, was less so and I loved it. Unlike the other malls we strolled through that day, which enshrine western high-end retail, Siam Centre is a testament to Thailand’s creativity in terms of local fashion design and merchandising. The fashion and shoes and accessories in the womenswear and menswear shops here, range from cutely conventional through to quintessentially quirky. If the merchandise on offer doesn’t bombard a shopper’s senses, the awesomely avant-garde window dressing and in-store displays at Siam Centre certainly will! I particularly liked the group of three floral penises that had been erected in one of the more unconventional boutiques. (I tried to talk Kuldip into buying a pair of THE glitzy golden loafers, but he wouldn’t have a bar of it!)
Siam Central #1 Siam Central #4Siam Central #2 Siam Central #8 Siam Central #6Siam Central #7  Siam Central #5    Siam Central #10Siam Central #3



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