Those of you who have read my book, “Just the Ticket”, and monitor my posts on Facebook (FB) as well as my blog, will know that I love all forms of art whether it hangs on a museum wall, rests in a garden or lays in wait to surprise you on a street corner or in a town square. Some shopping centres around the world are also like mini art museums like Siam Central that I described in a recent FB post. While Central World in Bangkok features fashion and home wares at the conservative end of the market, the mall has some quirky features too like the bright red and blue seals that greet you at the entrance to the indoor ice skating rink and the silver figurine reminiscent of the Columbian sculptor, who has an obvious fat fetish, Fernando Botero’s work that I’ve seen and loved all over the world. After taking a couple of shots of Kuldip and friend that I captioned: “Guess which one talks through his hat,” I got to meet Parisian fashion fat cat, Karl Lagerfeld and his beloved pet, Choupette.


Central World Art #1Central World Art #2 Central World Art #3Central World Art #4   Central World Art #5


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