After playing Bridge last Saturday afternoon at the Chandigarh Bridge Club, my husband, Kuldip, and I went to a Sitar recital by one of India’s notable young Sitar players, Manu Seen. Ravi Shankar and ex-Beatle George Harrison introduced many of my generation to the Sitar and I’ve loved listening to it being played ever since.  This was, however, the first time I have had the opportunity to see a musician play the Sitar, live. Manu’s Sitar, in my opinion, is an extension of Manu – the man; he is at one with his instrument and was born to play it. I don’t profess, for one moment, to know the name of any of the compositions he played but whether it was soulful or rousing, I loved every musical moment. Manu’s recital may have only lasted for ninety minutes, but it will be everlasting in my memory. If you would like to listen to some of Manu’s music and find out more about him, I suggest you visit his website:


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