My first book, Just the Ticket, began as a series of thirty-three travel journals I posted over a five-month period on Facebook when my Indian-born boyfriend of eight years, (now husband) Kuldip, and I travelled to India and Europe from April to September 2011.

On my return, many people told me they loved my journals and that I should write a book. I took what they had to say with a grain of salt and dismissed the idea. And, why not: I thought they were just being kind! That thought stayed with me until a fellow Bridge player told me that her husband, whom I hadn’t met, had also read my journals and asked her to tell me that I should write a book. He also asked Ruth to let me know that I had made an error in syntax in one of the journals.

Ruth’s husband, Peter, who turned out to be no slouch in the realms of academia and the media, wasn’t telling me to write to be kind – he was telling me to write because he thought I was good at it. And, by the way, I’m still looking for the elusive error in the syntax!

So while my first Facebook post about what happened when I touched down at Delhi in India for the first time turned out to be my first step to becoming a published writer, Peter’s words of encouragement were the catalyst for me to become one. And, to be fair, I was recently retired and had the luxury of time in which to do it.

A few months later I had re-written the original thirty-three journals into a manuscript I titled, Just the Ticket which was published in October 2013. Should you read my book, I hope you enjoy the ride as well as the read. If you would like to discuss it, please write to me at: I am now writing the sequel, The Return Ticket, which is about the eleven-month journey I took with Kuldip, last year, which included living in India for three months as well as visits to Thailand and Europe namely France, Italy and Greece.


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